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Our greatest point of pride.  Turns out when you provide the opportunity and support real estate professionals need to take their business to the next level and you focus on hiring good people, then you have a culture in which to be proud.


Whether you are a relatively new agent or a longtime veteran producer, you will need help and support.  Be it business coaching, transactional issues or just your general welfare – we have your back.  You won’t have to wait to get the help you need today.


Our in-house, proprietary CRM helps agents not only manage, but prioritize their leads, prospects and clients.  Stay focused on today’s production while the automation and AI of our platform do most of the heavy lifting for your someday business.


We are here to help build your brand.  Our marketing team has you covered for mailers, brochures and presentation pieces, but we will also help elevate you and your brand’s identity.  Learn how to leverage today’s digital world and social media.  It’s time.

Only Exceptional Agents

We offer an amazing opportunity at EasyStreet.  There are no monthly fees or desk fees.  No tech fees, no E&O fees.  We cover costs from business cards to the designing and printing of your presentations.  Monthly services like G Suite and SkySlope are provided. 


We will generate and share leads with you each and every month at no expense to you.  Enjoy your own personalized account within our state-of-the-art online platform for free.  If you don’t sell a home, then we don’t make a nickel.  It’s truly a shared partnership.


We can’t afford to hire just anyone.  We need people that will meet us halfway.  We need agents that have the desire and the drive to be exceptional.  Are you that type of person? 


We won’t let you down.



The word support is not cliche at EasyStreet.


We pride ourselves on availability to our team members.  From broker questions, to accounting to marketing we are there when you need us. 


It takes a broad spectrum of talent to support your growth.  We've made the investment and are standing by ready to help you.



Let’s take your business to the next level.


Would you like to speak with some of our agents about how we have helped them grow their business?  We will connect you.


Our passion is helping our agents reach new heights, but we can’t want it more than you do



  • Individual Coaching

  • Weekly Round Tables

  • Weekly In-Office Training

  • Weekly Live Online Training

  • Social Media Coaching

  • Buyer/Seller Presentations



We are nothing if not fair.  Let’s take a look at your experience and past production and put you on a plan that is a true win-win.


When you look at everything we offer, including up to an 80% split on company-provided leads, we’re confident you will agree.   

No Monthly Fees





Built by and exclusively for EasyStreet Realty. 

  • Lead Tracking / Lead Scoring

  • Automated Property Emails

  • Automated Suggested Properties

  • Automated Client Market Updates via email and text

  • Connected to Zillow / / Real Geeks and others

  • AI-Powered Remarketing

  • Import your existing clients

  • Send/Receive text messages

  • Slice and dice contacts and create prospect lists

  • Plus about 1000 other cool features


For years we’ve been lauded for being a technology firm as much as we are a real estate brokerage.  Of course, that is more important now than ever. 


You don’t necessarily have to be a rocket scientist to build a real estate brokerage’s tech stack, but we have one anyway! 

(Seriously, we do.)

  • One integrated Lead Management and Marketing Platform

  • Designed by REALTORS - Built Exclusively for Highgarden​

  • Tested by 650 Agents - 500K+ leads and 30K+ transactions

  • Integrated with Facebook AI - The right message to the right clients at the right time

  • Proprietary Lead Scoring that increases conversion

  • AI-Powered Remarketing for all your self generated leads

  • Directly integrates with Zillow,, Real Geeks and other lead platforms

  • Proprietary always-on lead prospecting pool

  • IDX agent websites that generate solid leads

  • Direct import of all your existing leads


The key to our success. 


It’s not just our leadership that will be there to help you grow.  It takes a village to raise an agent.  Our culture fosters just that.


We know how to generate leads for you.

Over 500,000 leads shared with our agents.



It’s one of the reasons why people love it here.  Come for professional advancement.  Stay because you’ll never enjoy work more anywhere else.

Appointed and Convenient OFFICE

Want to work virtually?

Our platform makes it easy.  


Our passion is helping our agents reach new heights, but we can’t want it more than you do.



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1st Year At ESR




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